Together, we have been collecting fine gem rough material and rare quality specimens for almost two decades. Through this mutual love and fascinations of gemstones we have accumulated an incredible inventory through which our business, McGraw Minerals Unique Jewelry & Gemstones, has evolved. Each one of these magnificent stones is not only the source of our inspiration, but the very raw material that is used to create our hand-made jewelry.


We have been cutting, polishing and tumbling gemstones for many years. The two of us use our years of experience to incorporate many jewelry techniques in our designs, creating our custom one-of-a-kind treasures. We are told again and again our special creations catch the attention of anyone who sees them.


To sell our unique pieces, our main  goal has always been to have a jewelry store. This dream, McGraw Minerals Unique Jewelry & Gemstones, has been open since 2006. Our store has become a place where our customers enjoy and appreciate the ability to see the actual rough material and crystal structure of gemstones that are used to make our jewelry.


Due to our remote location in the Alleghany Highlands of Virginia, we are often asked to have a web site to display our latest creations and other samplings of our work so that our customers can ‘visit’ with us more often. Now, with great pleasure indeed, we present to you our all new fully descript and illustrated web site ~ like our jewelry, everything is designed, created and photographed by us, Alix & Bryan McGraw.


To continue our efforts, we consider ourselves fortunate to have such a large assortment of gem rough for, now, more than ever, gem rough of quality is rare, and becoming even rarer. For anyone in the lapidary business, this is one of the greatest challenges, and one of which we hope to use to create even finer pieces.


Alix and Bryan McGraw




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